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A Matter of Murder

about the game


Zounds! One of the guests at an English house party has fallen victim to cold-blooded murder. Your weekend in the country is ruined! What choice have you but to ask your fellow guests probing questions, search the house, draw astonishingly insightful conclusions and solve the crime?


"A Matter of Murder" is a point-and-click puzzle game with rogue-like elements for Windows, Mac and tablets. The details of each murder are procedurally generated, so the game is different every time you play with progressively more challenging logic puzzles."A Matter of Murder" can also randomly combine logic puzzles to provide seemingly endless surprises and high replayability.


• Procedurally generated content offers a different experience for each play-through.
• Interact with colorful suspects and carefully investigate your surroundings for clues.
• Hand-drawn character art brings the Victorian setting to life in all its murderous glory.
• Campaign mode provides a wide-range of increasingly difficult logic puzzles.
• Logic puzzles can be combined randomly to create new cases and unique play-throughs.
• In-game notebook automatically keeps track of the clues you collect.
• Original soundtrack with responsive musical underscoring.
• Immersive and haunting soundscape places you at the center of the storytelling experience.
• Randomly implemented plot-altering elements can change the course of the story.


"A Matter of Murder" is now available:


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